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Nude Stretching
Rated by: Wandher Souza
Comments: Love it!

Daughter of the sun
Rated by: arthotdog
Comments: Ditto to the other critics.

Morning Flowers
Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: vibrant, yet very peaceful

May 2012 (Calendar Folio Series)
Rated by: arthotdog
Comments: very detailed, very inexpensive

Sail Shadow
Rated by: arthotdog
Comments: Title describes scene

Gallery exhibition
Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: To accurately rate this picture the image needs rotating

Rated by: editor
Comments: Unusual subject. The broken glass seems real.

Rated by: editor
Comments: Hmmm

Freakin Awesome
Rated by: artcritictoday
Comments: The painting's title describes the work.

World Trade Center
Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: What an edifice? Too bad it's gone.

Rated by: cam jordan
Comments: beautiful

Scenic Wall
Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: Definitely a Florida landscape

Self portrait
Rated by: artcritictoday
Comments: Striking pose with great lighting.

Clubbing Original
Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: Great image.I do not know how collectible this type of art

Inner Peace
Rated by: cam jordan
Comments: I like this, think it would be striking w/o peace symbol.

Winter Work Sleigh
Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: One of Canada's great native artists.

End of Winter
Rated by: cam jordan
Comments: The colors are appealing

Hidden Desires
Rated by: m. phipps
Comments: Good colors.

late blossom magnolia
Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: prefer your landscapes

Chinese dancer
Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: Nice.


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Art Face Off - wk Sept 27-Oct 4(mixed Media)
By Ione Citrin
Lifesize 3-D Knight In Shining Armour On Chess Board
By Helen Kramer
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Acrylic framed painting on 8x10 canvas board. Saber tooth skull on brown backdrop. A single white st...


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''Cabin in the Mountains''
oil painting
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The Star (F.S. II.258)
Screenprint on Lenox Museum board with diamond dust
38 x 38 ...


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  Phenomena Franklinís Kite
Phenomena Franklin’s Kite1974Lithograph26 x 19.5 inches(66.04 x 49.53 cm)Edition of 175Signed more (136) views

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