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Highwayman Painting
Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: Love the Central Florida vistas.

Asian girl
Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: reasonably priced art.

Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: Powerful still life

Farm Scene
Rated by: cam jordan
Comments: I would hang this on my wall.

Audrey Hepburn
Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: Exceptional

Batgirl Original
Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: Wow. I like this better than the previous.

beautifully artz!
Rated by: peter caudwell

Rolling Fields
Rated by: cam jordan
Comments: interesting perspective

General Kristen
Rated by: artcritictoday
Comments: It has feelings.

Black Light Glow n the Dark
Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: Intense.

Rated by: artcritictoday
Comments: Not an easy picure to paint

Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: A sunflower it is.

Eiffel Song
Rated by: cam jordan
Comments: Busy canvas

Steam train in Winter
Rated by: arthotdog
Comments: A thing of the past.

On the road
Rated by: artcritictoday
Comments: Too bad it is not a bigger canvas for the wow power

Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: Great form

Fish N Sea
Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: Psychedelic.

Stepping Stone Cottage
Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: Fairy tale image

Lady Dancing
Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: Nice

Persian Horse from Persepolis
Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: Strong image


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Art Face Off - wk Aug 30-Sept 6 (sculpture)
The Three Sisters
By Paul Pincus
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Bird Has Flown
By Natalia Shapira
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Featured - Amateur

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