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La Femme Ideale
Rated by: arthotdog
Comments: Is this really by the actor. Better than acting.

The Enfolding
Rated by: cam jordan
Comments: Hard to rate as the photo lacks perspective.

A PInt and The Paper 2
Rated by: cam jordan
Comments: The looks on their faces is priceless

Untitled Landscape
Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: I like this.

16th century
Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: Very unique

Mountain Escape
Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: inviting

Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: A classic.

Viva Miami!
Rated by: artcritictoday
Comments: This is hot.

City Girl
Rated by: arthotdog
Comments: Bold, but remind me to stay on the country.

Friends 1992
Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: Reminds me a little of Picasso

Rated by: artcritictoday
Comments: I like the treatment

Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: Photo of painting does not show well

Graveyard queens
Rated by: peter caudwell

La Femme Ideale
Rated by: artcritictoday
Comments: Not my ideal

White Tree
Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: I like the background.

Bleeding World
Rated by: Josue Mercado
Comments: If interested make me an offer. Prices are negotiable.

Rated by: peter caudwell

Chinese dancer
Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: Nice.

The Colossus of Rhodes
Rated by: cam jordan
Comments: Bold, dynamic.

Self portrait
Rated by: cam jordan
Comments: Like your work.


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Abstract Acrylic Painting...


Featured - Professional

Giclee available on fine canvas in original size or standard proportional sizes
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Featured - Professional

Henri Matisse (French, 1869-1954)
Nu Assis Dans un Fauteuil au Décor Fleuri


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