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Winter Work Sleigh
Rated by: arthotdog
Comments: A cdn native master

A Thoughtful Beauty
Rated by: arthotdog
Comments: Certainly know whom the model is.

Rated by: cam jordan
Comments: Well balanced, focused &executed

Pensando en Ti
Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: Good elements

Parliament Building
Rated by: arthotdog
Comments: Neat

Giants Begin to Stir
Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: Aviation history

Piano Man
Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: Interesting viewing angle

Kiki Love
Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: Canvas size is interesting.

Scenic Wall
Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: Definitely a Florida landscape

Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: Puts a smile on my lips

Gee Merrie Shoes
Rated by: artcritictoday
Comments: I wish I could afford it.

Rated by: artcritictoday
Comments: Colors are very soothing.

October 2012 (Calendar Folio Series)
Rated by: arthotdog
Comments: "Hot doggin"

Made in the Image and Likeness of God
Rated by: m. phipps
Comments: Lots of detail. I like it.

Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: Your best listed here.

Eye of Truth
Rated by: peter caudwell
Comments: An eye full work.

Beach with birds
Rated by: artcritictoday
Comments: Pleasant subject matter and colors.

Rated by: artorjunk
Comments: Gulp.

Which Way
Rated by: artcritictoday
Comments: Great flag design

Factory City
Rated by: arthotdog
Comments: Too somber


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Art Face Off-wk Jul 26-Aug 1(Flowers)
Two Flowers
By Joseph Allen
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By ridhima
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Betty Boop Exposed Oil Painting On Stretched Canvas Measures 7X12 Created on a rainy day when I was ...


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comic book style blue tunnel, abstract and pattern oriented....


Featured - Professional



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  Two Femmes au Jardin a Theiule
Excellent condition. I have two matching prints. Will sell as a matching pair. Price negotiable. more (265) views
  Evening Glow
Beautiful water color gallery framed 40X60 called Evening Glow more (245) views
  Mayan Sister (original painting)
Inspired by the ancient Mayan. This rendering of adds color to any room. more (146) views
  St. Johns
Modern Art Acrylic Painting/ Ink. more (403) views
  Different Shades of Marilyn Monroe
Modern Art Acrylic Painting of Marilyn Monroe more (325) views
This price is for Original Image,Please call me on By my Email, more (449) views

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